The Electrician Service You Deserve

Here at Genetic Emergency Electrician, we go to great lengths to provide all our clients with the absolute best service possible. Why else would we keep team members on call every day and every night of the year? Our focus is on helping you, whether that means a 3:00 AM power restoration or a Wednesday evening electrical panel replacement. We’re electricians, but our real job is simply serving our community. Give us a call whenever you need great service.

Our Services

From outdoor lights to chandeliers, we do light fixture installation. We also install light switches, and even motion sensor lighting, whatever you need. Building out a new office and need plenty of places to plug everything in? We can handle both the electrical wiring and the outlet installation you’ll need.

Blow a breaker? We offer circuit breaker replacement, if necessary. Our team does both commercial and residential services, so call if you have any questions!

Work Hours

Emergency electrical service is available 24 hours, all week long.

Service Area

If you’re in Brooklyn, or anywhere else in Kings county, we’ve got you covered.